Air Guns Are The Best Firearm For All Shooters

If you are in love with shooting, then owning an air gun is a must for you. Air guns are a basic necessity for all hunters, whether they are an amateur or they are professionals. The best part about these air guns is that they easily fit into all roles of shooting. Therefore, whether you want to use them for a simple practice session or you want to take them out into the wilderness for the actual hunting of animals, these guns easily fit into both the roles.


Increased Use Of These Guns

The use of these guns has increased in the recent times. With the increase in the popularity of shooting as a sport, the use of these air guns for recreational purposes has also increased considerably. In spite of the development of many types of pistols and air rifles in the past few years, the popularity of these air guns continues to hold its ground. The multi-faceted nature of these guns will ensure at all times that the demand for these guns never goes down.


Safer In Use

pellet rifles

Another major reason why people continue to use these air guns more than any other firearm is that they are much safer to use than all other firearms. The range and punch of these guns is much smaller than other firearms and this different operating or working principle of these guns makes them a lot easier to handle and control. Their impact is also limited to a very small distance and hence the chances of the bullets, dispersed from these guns, going astray is also less, making them a very safe option for beginners especially.


Thus, irrespective of whether you are a professional shooter or just a beginner, these air guns will help you have a great time shooting with minimum risks.


Best Air Rifle for Hunting – Winchester Model 1400CS

When most people think of hunting they think of shooting a real gun at animals such as deer or even hogs. But what do you use for small animals and rodents that you typically find in your yard? Well the perfect solution for your needs is to buy a hunting air rifle. An air rifle that can be used for hunting should be able to shoot at least 1000+ fps depending on what you’re trying to kill. If you are trying to kill rodents such as a rat or a ground hog then that amount of velocity will be perfectly fine. If you are trying to kill something a little bit bigger like a raccoon then maybe aim for an air rifle that shoots upwards of 1300 fps.

After rigorous testing of many of the top air rifles I’ve come to the conclusion that the best model for hunting is the Winchester Model 1400CS. This airgun fires at an extremely high velocity and is literally perfect model for hunting in every way imaginable. If you get the 1400CS critters will begin to regret ever stepping foot into your yard I guarantee it.


Top Hunting Air Rifle

Everything about this air rifle makes it really good for hunting and for the price of $200 it really can’t be beat. With a maximum velocity of around 1400 FPS with alloy pellets no critter will be able to withstand the damage this airgun causes. This model shoots .177 caliber pellets and is a break barrel design which means for each shot will have to reload it by snapping the barrel down and then loading in a new pellet. This brings a lot of simplicity to the airgun and makes playing the barrel easier as well.

Winchester Model 1400CS - hunting air rifle

The composition stock and body is covered with a Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity Camo pattern which makes it harder for animals to see. Most models is come in plain black and it is easy to see how it camouflage pattern easily makes it better for hunting purposes. Even a sound suppressor is included in the Winchester Model 1400CS which actually reduces the noise coming from the barrel by up to 50%. This is astounding and makes it just as quiet in my opinion as the Gamo Silent Cat but this bad boy actually comes with a little bit more power.

To top things off a 3-9 x 32 scope is included with mounting brackets which will greatly increase your accuracy. If the scope isn’t enough you will also be pleased to hear that the 1400CS comes with a folding bipod as well. This is extremely useful for when you’re trying to get a very precise shot to kill that annoying pest or small animal that’s been in your yard. The trigger pull on this air rifle is very nice and smooth as well which further allows you to get that perfect shot. A thumbhole grip is added into the stock to make holding air rifle even easier and if that isn’t enough a sling is included as well.

All features included:

  • Break barrel
  • Composite stock with thumbhole
  • 3-9 x 32 scope
  • Folding bipod
  • Sling
  • Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity Camo pattern
  • Sound suppressor

With all these wonderful features it’s easy to see why this is the best hunting air rifle on the market today. For a price of around $200 you really can’t get much better than this and definitely not for the price range. If you’re trying to kill any form of annoying critter in your yard and this is definitely the right airgun for you.

Top 5 RC Quadcopters for Beginners

After yesterday’s quadcopter conference WLtoys V303 Seeker, we talked about what are the top 5 quadcopters for beginners on the market. And this is the TOP 5 list that we have formed.
In making this RC top list of quadcopters we have not necessarily gone for the cheaper models in the market, rather we focused on ease of handling, stability and flight duration. Anyone who has tried to fly an RC quadcopter knows how important these three attributes are for a beginner.
So why are we writing this top quadcopter list?
Very simple, summer is here and there are many ways to enjoy it. What better way than to fly with your own drone device?

Top 5 Quadcopters for Beginners

The order by which we will review these drones is based on prices, from the cheapest model to the most expensive. Depending on your price range you can choose the drone that fits you best.


Syma X5S Explorer

Syma X5S Explorer

This is the most affordable quadcopter on our list but also possibly one of the best quadcopters for indoor and outdoor you can purchase a beginner.

The Syma X5S Explorer equips a 2.4Ghz transmitter that will allow us to fly a distance of 50 meters. This may seem small but check the rules for flying devices in your country and you’ll see that 50 meters may be sufficient.
This model also includes a 2 megapixel camera that can take about 800 pictures and store them in an internal memory that it has built-in. It come with a 4-channel remote control and a battery of 500mAh as well.
The Syma X5S is a very good quad to start with as a beginner. True it has a short flight time and camera quality could be better, but for the price of $70 you cannot ask for much more.


Hubsan FPV X4

Hubsan FPV X4

The FPV Hubsan X4 is one of the smallest RC quadcopters on this list. So small that it can fit in the palm of the hand; but despite its size it includes LED lights for night flying and incorporates a camera to record firsthand.
The small X4 has a range of over 100 meters (depending on weather conditions) and because of its small size, it can easily go anywhere for a “safe flight”.
Some interesting features of this quad are that it includes a 4-channel remote control with a 4.3-inch LCD screen built to watch live and live what you’re recording.
Again, this is a basic model that has a short flight time and unfortunately its small size is also a minus, because it means that it is not as stable as other larger and more powerful models. But it is still a great quadcopter with a really good price of only $145.


Walkera QR Y100

Walkera QR Y100

The Walkera QR Y100 has 6 rotors instead of 4, which gives it a more stable flight which is a great help for anyone who is new to flying.
This is the first RC quadcopter from the list that is able to overcome the 10-minute flight, if you have good weather, you will be able to fly for about 20 minutes. A bigger battery and a transmitter allows for a longer control distance up to a maximum of 300 meters.
Like the first quads, the Walkera QR Y100 has a built-in camera and also has a return function, which means that if the Y100 moves too far away and loses its connection to the transmitter it automatically goes back to where the flight began.
The final thing we need to emphasize is that we can choose which device to control our Walkera QR Y100, ie, we can use our Android or iOS device. This particular model is priced around $240 which makes it somewhat expensive.


QR Walkera X350 Pro

QR Walkera X350 Pro

This is where we start talking about another level of RC quadcopteos. The next two models do not have a built-in camera, because they are powerful enough to use a GoPro (or similar camera) and of course have more advanced general characteristics.
The QR Walkera X350 Pro was one of the first RC quadcopters that could rival the famous DJI Phantom. Walkera has taken an idea borrowed from the leader in the JDI sector, but has maintained a fairly low price.
Its powerful engine and 10-channel transmitter means this quad can travel up to 2 km away (depending on the weight of the camera and weather conditions). It also has an extra option for Wi-Fi, allowing us to convert our smartphone to a HUD to display everything you see the camera.
The QR Walkera X350 Pro features an integrated GPS and is stable enough to withstand windy conditions. The price is somewhat higher than the previous amounting to around $310.


 CX-20 Auto-pathfinder

CX-20 Auto-pathfinder

The RC quadcopter that closes our top drones list is the CX-20. As we can appreciate the design is most similar to the DJI Phantom that we will find in the market. And the CX-20 is packed with great features for their equal role compared to the DJI Phantom.
Like the previous quad, we have a GPS on board, which will make our quad come back again if it loses contact with the transmitter. The CX-20 will not only return if it is lost but it also comes back when it detects that it is running out of power.
Being so stable makes it possibly the RC quadcopter that is easiest to fly on the list. To get an idea, we just have to go up to the desired height that our quad will go and watch as it is always maintained at that height. Obviously its excellent stability provides perfect aerial images even in excess of 300 meters heights.
The CX-20 is the most expensive on the list, costing around $330, but also a model that can be used at a professional level and easier to handle.

Quadcopters Growing Popularity

With this growing trend and global interest in quadcopters, we intend to write more articles and even make reviews of these devices occasionally. If there is a topic you would like us to talk, just you have to let us know.
Of course, if we have any viewers that are fond of quadcopters among our followers or you know any interesting model that we didn’t list above, we would also like to know in the comments, thanks for reading!

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Review: Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston

As you probably already know no air rifle is made the same in summer much better than others. Doesn’t mean you pay a high price tag for a good air rifle but instead you just need to know what you are looking for. There are probably reviewing today is the Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston which is priced around $120. At this price range there are many good airguns but this is one of my favorites. Instead of using a spring this model uses a gas piston which is much more effective. Continue reading the rest of this article to learn all of the pros and cons.


Review of the Benjamin Titan

Most airguns you will shoot today use a spring which is great for most people but if you’re like me and want the best then you might want to try using CO2. While it does cost you a little bit more money each time you fire this bad boy in my opinion it is well worth it.



Using the Nitro Piston comes with many benefits such as smoother shooting and cocking as well as no spring torque or fatigue. This gives you the ability to leave the rifle cocked for hours on end as well as shoot perfectly in cold weather environments. Plus an air rifle that uses CO2 last much longer than a metal spring model. The stock is really nice as it is ambidextrous and has an ergonomic thumbhole as well as dual raised cheek pieces. A muzzle brake is also included for added leverage which is a big plus. This air rifle shoots pellets of a 0.177 caliber and can reach a maximum velocity of 1200 fps which is pretty darn good.

benjamin titan


Now while I do really love this airgun it doesn’t come without a few flaws .The Benjamin Titan comes with a 4 x 32 scope and mount but I have to admit that the scope and rings that come with it don’t hold the scope down tight enough so I had to buy an adapter rail to switch it from dovetail to picatinny. The only other complaint I have is that the two stage adjustable trigger trigger works much better by adding a couple of washers onto the seer. This is an easy fix though you can buy the washers at your local hardware store.


Final Opinion

The Benjamin Titan is one of my favorite air rifles for a little over $100 and will definitely serve any shooter well. This review is meant to teach you all the pros and cons and I hope it’s helped you figure out if you want or not. While I thought this model is a really great add to my collection you might be looking for something different but by reading reviews online you will be sure to find it.

DJI Phantom 2 Review – Top Drone with a Camera

In the world of quadcopters there is one brand that seems to tower over the rest and that is DJI. Since releasing the original Phantom their quickly grown in popularity due to their drones simply outperforming all the others. Nowadays there are a few different brands that can kind of compete but still there is no denying that DJI is probably still the best and will be for quite some time.

Today I will be reviewing the DJI Phantom 2 so you can have an idea if this is the right drone for you. Granted it is a little expensive at a starting price of around $600 but if you want the absolute best then you have to pay top dollar. You could even go with the higher end Phantom 2 Vision+ if you really wanted to go all out with this will run your price tag of over $1000. What you decide to get it is really up to you and your personal preference.


DJI Phantom 2 Review

For a price of around $600 you will be getting the basic Phantom 2 with no camera installed on it whatsoever. Granted if you are buying this expensive model chances are you want to camera to take video footage and aerial photography. You can buy it with the Hero3 camera really GoPro depending on which camera you like better. If you have ever flown the original Phantom then you will have an idea of how this model flies though this one is even better. It can fly about twice as long thanks to the more intelligent LiPo battery, has the ability to attach a Zen muse H3-2D gimbal and has self-tightening propellers.

All you need to start flying is just to charge the battery and add four AA batteries in the remote control and you’re set to go. Thankfully DJI has integrated a really good GPS system into the Phantom 2 and even has an option that sets it to come home if it happens to get lost or go out of range. Also included is the IOC or Intelligent Orientation Control. This effectively allows you know exactly where your drone is going all times which is always useful. The gimbal on this quadcopter even allows for you to take footage unlike any other just like the aerial footage you would find in a cinema quality movie. Being able to watch the high-quality footage your drone takes while you’re flying almost feels too good to be true. It’s like you have your own drone that you expect the government to use for spying operations.

If you are trying to decide if buying the Phantom 2 is right for you then you ask yourself will use it for. A majority of the buyers of this drone are either extremely big quadcopter enthusiasts or need it for aerial photography. You can use it to take cool footage whenever you’re out on vacation or even in situations such as finding a good hunting spot. There is literally a limitless amount of uses you can find for this amazing drone and if you think it’s worth it to you can go ahead and purchase one. If not you would rather just have a cheaper quadcopter and go with something like the Parrot A.R Drone 2.0. Frankly this model is a little expensive but definitely worth it if you want the top drone with the camera.

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My Personal Review of the Swiss Arms Tac-1

Are always new companies coming out that make airguns but sometimes it’s hard to tell which brands are good and which aren’t. The best way I found out to tell if a new brand is good is to look at their customer reviews online. After checking out reviews of the new Swiss Arms Tac-1 break barrel air rifle have to say that I was a little impressed. I decided to go out and buy my own Tac-1 and today I’ll be letting you know what I think of it myself. I do this and hope they give you a better idea of which air rifle to purchase and make sure you get the most out of your hard earned money. Don’t be one of the people who get a lousy airgun and instead go with the best, luckily this will cost you a lot of money either.


Swiss Arms Tac-1 Review

Besides just looking plain cool the Swiss Arms Tac-1 is actually a very high quality air rifle that can hit the target precisely where you want time after time. This airgun comes included with the 432 Swiss Arms premium 4 x 32 scope which actually works really well. For a price of around $90 you actually receive an air rifle with the quality of other $150 models.

You should up to 1200 ft./s which is plenty for small game hunting and can easily kill any past or rodent. Included is a tactical stock and even a noise reducing spring which is always vital so that your prayed as it here you in the rare case you do happen to miss your target. With this air rifle though missing is sometimes hard to do as it really is just that accurate. Attached at the end is what looks like a silencer but it is only there for looks. I believe having a fake silencer on the end of an air rifle really completes the sniper look that many people are looking for.

This is a break barrel rifle so that means you can only shoot one pellet at a time before having to reload. You simply reload by snapping the barrel down towards the ground at the split that is a few inches in front of the scope and then put in your pellet. When you snap it back it actually pumps the air rifle and that one pump is all you need and you are set to go. If you decide to give the Swiss Arms Tac-1 a chance I’m sure you will not be in the slightest disappointed. This is a high quality air rifle that would definitely do the job of either hunting small game or target practice any day of the week.


Top Holy Stone UFO Quadcopter Review

One of my favorite new brands that produces high-quality drones is Holy Stone. Since I have tried their new UFO RC quadcopter I have been extremely impressed and honestly surprised at the quality of this drone. For such a new company they really went all out with this one and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new drone. In this review you will get my honest opinion of all the features that come with it and anything you should know before making a purchase. Hopefully after hearing what I have to say you can make a better decision in deciding if purchasing this quad is right for you.


Holy Stone UFO Quadcopter Review

Priced at around $70 you definitely get a good quadcopter compared to a lot of others in this price range. The biggest difference between this model and other brands is the fact that it comes with a camera. While the camera resolution is only 640×480 you can still easily see what’s going on in the video. You can even upload your videos to a platform like YouTube if you wish to do so though it is becoming controversial.

Holy Stone UFO Quadcopter

The UFO quadcopter is made out of a high shock resistant material that allows it to take a decent amount of damage without breaking. Though I still wouldn’t recommend going around and flying this quad recklessly it is nice to know it can take a hit if need be. Being built with the 6-axis gyro allows it to fly much more stable which makes it easier for beginners. A word of advice though if you are buying this for a small child you might want to make sure that where they are flying doesn’t have any trees rough they could easily get their drone stuck up in one and believe me it’s not easy to get it out. I also wouldn’t recommend flying this drone indoors because it isn’t a miniature model and you could easily run into objects and break them.

Included in this package is a:

  • Remote controller
  • 4 extra blades
  • 2G memory card and card reader
  • 4V 500MAH battery
  • Screwdriver

With this high-powered battery you will get around an average of eight minutes of flying time which is decent but nothing too special. Charging time takes around the hundred minutes which is also pretty average as well but nothing to complain about. You will need for AA batteries for the remote controller and you will need to buy the separately. Overall I really love the Holy Stone UFO quadcopter and I’m sure if you decide to purchase one too you will love it as well.

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Review of the Black Ops Tactical Air Rifle

I have finally found a new air rifle to replace my favorite for around the hundred dollar range. While I wouldn’t say it’s the best air rifle for this price range it definitely is the most fun to shoot. This is mainly due to its extremely cool design but also because of how powerful it is and all the accessories that come with it. The airgun I’m referring to is the Black Ops tactical sniper air rifle. Once you see this bad piece of machinery in person you will know exactly what I’m talking about when I say it looks and feels like a sniper rifle you would find in a videogame.

Don’t just take my word for it though go to your local sports store and they might even have it there for you to look at. Due to its popularity you can about find this fine piece of equipment in any store that carries airguns.


My Thoughts on the Black Ops Tactical Air Rifle

For starters the Black Ops air rifle is a spring piston break barrel which means it can only be shot one pellet at a time and doesn’t require CO2 or any of that other nonsense. It does have a cocking bolt on the side that this is just for looks and is completely nonfunctional. While it does look like there is a silencer on this air rifle it is also nonfunctional as well but does give it that sniper rifle look that we all crave for.

reivew of black ops air rifle

What is functional though is the bipod that extends from 8 to 10 inches. It is actually pretty rare to see a bipod on an airgun but I have to say I really do love it. It allows you for better accuracy which is not only good for target practice reasons also hunting as well. If you can find a place to pull out your bipod and get a steady shot you are almost guaranteed to hit your target with a little bit of practice. You also have to make sure your 4 x 32 scope is sighted in properly but once it is it’s crazy how accurate this thing is. The manufacturer claims you can get .20 and groupings at about 10 m of distance and I definitely believe them as I have done so myself.

This air rifle can shoot it is surprising velocity of 1,250 feet per second which is extremely good. This means you can use it for any kind of small game hunting imaginable. The synthetic stock that comes with it is adjustable so no matter what your arm length you should be perfectly set. The muzzle brake allows for extra cocking leverage which is always pretty useful as well. If you do want to change scopes later down the road you will be glad to know that it comes with picatinny rails which is extremely common. So if you are looking for an air rifle that not only looks extremely cool but is also very functional as well then the Black Ops air rifle might just be for you.

My Take on the Dromida Ominus

Constantly new quadcopters are being released onto the market and while this is a really good thing for drone enthusiast a can be bad as well. A lot of the drones that are released just simply aren’t that good and aren’t worth your hard-earned money. Luckily though some will surprise you and the one that surprised me this year is the Dromida Ominus.

The Ominus has everything you could possibly ask for in a mid-priced drone and even more. I’ve had a ton of fun flying it around and decided it’s finally time to give my take on it. If you are interested in buying one for yourself then you will definitely want to read what I have to say.


Dromida Ominus

What makes this drone so special really comes down to its durability. You can wreck the Ominus into the ground, concrete, or even a tree it will still continue to work like perfect. I’m not sure how they made this quadcopter so durable but whatever it is they did a really good job. Because of how well it’s built I would highly recommend this drone to beginners because we all know at first you won’t be that good at flying and wrecks are bound to happen. While this is a great quad for beginners, an intermediate or professional should definitely add the Ominus to their collection as well.

Dromida Ominus

Besides just being extremely well built this quad also flies amazingly and is extremely easy to control. This is mostly due to its Gyro stabilization but its creative design also helps as well. Integrated with this drone are four flight modes, a high-powered motor, and extremely vivid LEDs. The four flight modes allow for you to have more fun as well as makes flying and performing tricks easier. The high-powered motor allows you to fly faster and longer with flight times up to 10 minutes. The LEDs just make night flying extremely cool as well as easier to guide your drone around due to color coordination of the front and back.

The Dromida Ominus also comes with:

  • 4GHz radio system
  • High-powered LiPo battery
  • USB charger
  • An Extra set of blades


So without wasting any more time I highly recommend you go out and buy the Dromida Ominus if you are looking for a cool drone to add to your collection. If you are just starting out than this will also be the perfect quad to get you started. Everyone just seems to love the Ominus and I’m sure you will too.


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